Spectacle by Karl Grandin


The opening of the exhibition Spectacle by Karl Grandin  and presentation of the collaboration project Karl Grandin and Chickenshit Conspiracy will take place on March 30th with the support of the Swedish Consulate.
Today Karl Grandin is one of the most famous and respected designers in Europe, so-called "guru of design" for young and creative audience. 
Karl Grandin is a creative who is difficult to shoehorn. He was born next to a mountain in Stockholm on Christmas Day 1976 and studied at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. After working as the art director of the influential Swedish music magazine Pop he set up the design group Vår. Grandin was a co-founder of the revolutionary clothing label Cheap Monday and responsible for the brand’s unique style and artwork for four years. Today he divides his time between freelance work and autonomous art projects, encompassing everything from drawings to magic liquor distillation. He has exhibited in Europe, Asia and the US and his work has been included in shows such as 'Connecting the Past and the Future' at The Graphic Design Museum in Breda, 'If You Could' at A Foundation gallery in London and 'The Biggest Visual Power Show' at The Million Dollar Theater in Los Angeles.

This time Karl Grandin will personally present his works of art at the "Nevsky 8" gallery in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
At the same time Chickenshit Conspiracy will represent its new collaboration with Karl Grandin under the title Occult Institute 1913 Corporate Hypnosis.

Working period: from March 30th to April 11th, 2011
Place: "Nevsky 8" Art Centre, Russia, St. Petersburg, Nevsky prospect, 8, 
Opening of the exhibition: March 30th 19.00

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